Living Together

27 03 2009

Me: I wish we lived together.
Adam: Well we could now.
Me: How?
Adam: I could drop out of school
Adam: Yeah, and then I would have to sell myself for a living.
Me: …And then we could live together?
Adam: No. I would get addicted to drugs. And then I’d have to go to rehab. And in rehab I’d find God, so I’d go and live in a monastery.
Me: And I’d live with you there?
Adam: No. I’d get a great product idea while I lived in the monastery, like the Shamwow. I’d sell it, and I’d make tons of money and be rich, but then I’d get addicted to drugs again. Then I’d have to sell myself on the streets to buy drugs. Then one night, this old lady would become very taken with me and offer me lots of money to spend the weekend with her.
Me: And you’d use that money to buy a house?
Adam: No. I’d spend it all on drugs. Then I’d bottom out and have to get a job in a Subway and move back in with my parents. I’d save up, and then go back to school. I’d get my degree, find a good job and we would live together.
Me: Right. Great plan.